Batch Toggle Room Calculation Point in multiple families

I have searched for help on this topic and the only thread I could find is this one:

Unfortunately, the thread is very old and none of the links work anymore.

Does anyone have the final working .dyn by chance? If not, can someone help me with a graph that could be run to turn on the room calculation point in multiple families?

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Are you in the family environment, or the project environment?

Asking as the solution is VERY different based on that bit of info.

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I have this same problem and I have found out exactly what @Jaysyn.quarry has, that thread was old and the images they posted of the scripts where low res.

I have tried both approaches, my preference would be to be outside of the family so that I don’t have to use 3rd party plugins like Bird Tools (since soon enough they will not be free and I can’t guarantee my company would want to afford them, which would make a bunch of scripts useless).

So, with this approach I get this far using Orchid nodes:

that’s to find and open the families in the background,

That’s to attempt to change the built-in parameter

That’s to close and save the documents

and that is to delete backup files when the whole transaction is over

Now, my problem is that Dynamo does not recognize the built in parameter Room Calculation Point as expressed on my string:

the warning says “no parameter found by that name”