Batch Render

Hi, trying to make a batch render script using dynamo. I can find a lot of nodes for cloud rendering but struggling to find any for rending a few views using your computer over night. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

hi van man

there is a multiple render add in for revit available here

it maxes out at revit 2016.

it will work for revit 2017 if you task switch to revit 2016 and back to 2017 to fool its version checking.

if i was to try and do it i would just use word’s visual basic and use sendkeys commands
ie rr for render and the other shortcuts… it wouldnt be as fancy

I came across this addin before but couldn’t get it to work. Gave it another go and now its working! and working with 2017 with your in-genius little tip! Thank you very much for the reply! :joy:

Well it was working. Now when i use it. I can hear my computer make a ting noise. Like the add in is failing to lunch something