Batch Processor Excel Sheet Generation

Hello everyone,

I have a health check dynamo script that I would like to run for several Revit files. So I found BVN’S Batch Processor.

At the beginning of my Dynamo script, I have a location of an Excel sheet location where the health check information can be written into after running the file. However, this can be problematic when I run multiple Revit files with that one Dynamo script with Batch Processor because each run of a Revit file will override the one before. If I want to avoid this, I’ll have to go through a very manual process.

I’m trying to figure out a way where I can have multiple excel sheets instead of only one.
For example, if I’m checking 5 Revit files, I want to get 5 different set of Excel files instead of only one.

Thank you guys!
Please let me know if you have more question.

Hi @mixology

You can get the Revit file name and add with BVN Test.xlsx as filePath. This will create new excel file for each revit file.

Good Luck!

Hello Kulkul!
Thank you very much for your help. However I am not quite sure how to understand your advice.

Where should I perform your advice @? Should I do it on BVN Batch Processor or on Dynamo?

I’m guessing that I should do it on Dynamo but I am not quite sure about ‘Get the Revit File name’

Sorry if it was an obvious advice!! I’m still pretty amateur with Dynamo! Thanks for your time!


I just made this script and it seems like its not creating a new Excel file for some reason - do you see any problems here?

Try this:


Thank you very very much for this!
It worked perfectly.

Can I ask which piece of code does ‘Save As for each different Revit File’ function?

hello Kulkul, its been already a week but want to ask you a question.

so I’ve used your code above and it works fine except it doesn’t use the template excel file that I have from file path - instead put all the information in a new excel sheet

this is after I inserted the code

this is the original format of the excel sheet. when running the file, all the information should be just inserted here without breaking the template.