Batch Import LookUpTable csv files to families

Im correnty working on a project where we need to add 2new sharedparameters and some vaules to the formulas. for over 100 families.

This that worked out great with this dynamo skript:

only problem now is that i also need the same lookuptable imported to all the families, and i cant find any nodes or scripts that refering to any thing that are close.

this is the commands in revit that i need dynamo to run on a open Background document
Basicly just importing a csv file to the family:

I have been trying to make a python Script to fix my problem but i cant get it to work.

what im trying to do is explained in my first post

I belevie i have found the correct syntax in the Revit API :

But i cant figure out why line 48 fails, to me it looks like we have all the aguments need in the Revit API, but it is asking for 4 ?

Been using packages: archilab, clockwork, Orchid and rhythm

the indata comes from the orchid nae Document.backgroudOpen

Almost there, as the error states you need to supply 4 informations:

You thus need to supply the FamilySizeTableManager as the “self” part.

hmm, cant get this to work…

im not a programmer, startet with python a few days ago.

why isent my code working.

the Warning telling me that it expected FamilySizeTableManager but it got type…


That would have been awsome, love the content in your Orchid package.

its no reqirements to a Revit family to upload a lookuptable, so made a extremly simple structual framing family that ut can use as testing document:
lookuptable_TestFamily.rfa (372 KB)

Was not allowed to upload a .csv fil so renamed it .txt , just name til .csv again and it will work fine:
CSVLookuptable.txt (7.0 KB)

Thank you, this looks great!
This will save me a lot of time in the future, when maintaining our family library.

Where did my pythonscript for the FamilySizeTableManager go wrong? You don’t need to share your entire code, just curious how you solved it :blush:

Is it also possible to GET the values from the LookupTable?
For instance one of the parameters in the FamilyDocument has a formula linked to LookupTable and can have 10 different values. Is it possible to have a list of these alternative values?
I’m using your Formula.Get node and can see the formula of the parameter and can see the default value using your Parameter.GetValue node. However, I could not find a way to have a list for all other alternative values for the parameter listed in the Lookup Table.
Thank you.