Basic Looping


I am trying to subtract a list of Solids from a Surface.

Knowing that I don’t know how many Solids will be in the list, is there a way to repeat the highlighted nodes below for each Solid, while cascading the Surface so that it’s get smaller each time ?

I don’t think that I can use List.Map because it’s the other way around

Do I need to do it in Python, or use imperative code blocks ?

Thanks in advance.

Would this accomplish what you’re looking for? :



Turn the surface into a solid first, use DifferenceAll and then extract the surface you need?

Hello Mehdi Blanchard,

I will be adding request for supporting trim using array of Geometries.

Meanwhile you can achieve your desired results using combining (Union) all solids and then subtracting them from Surface.

See below image.

Do let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem.




Thanks Dimitar and Ritesh.

UnionAll did the trick.