Surface.SubtractFrom and Geometry.Split nodes

I am trying to subtract a surface using a list of solids. I expect to have some sub-divisions from the total surface.
However the results are always the total surface.
Is it a bug or a I should use this node in a different way?

I also tried to use the Geometry.Split node and it gives me the same results.

Hi @a.halim

Could you please drop here relevant files?

Hi Kulkul,
Here is a sample script which gives me the same results. Dynamo 2.0.3
As well as the Revit file 2019, it is a simple filled region.
I found an a node from Lunchbox which does what I need, however my scripts are crashing each time I am re-running them.
231019_DividedSurface.dyn (29.9 KB) 231019_DividedSurface.rvt (348 KB)

At the bullseye, add a Solid.ByUnion node. This will give you one solid in place of the many.

Then no need for the list map - use the Surface.SubtractFrom node with your surface and the single unions solid as the only inputs.