Basic list operation longest lace

Try from here,

# Design Script’s ambiguous and versatile Replication Guides


When the lists aren’t nested it works like this

<1><1L> applies it to the sub lists

I’ve attempted to explain my understanding of these replication guides in these two articles


I still don’t get it why the DesignScript (A in image) works and with the nodes (C1 and C2 in image) doesn’t. No matter what i do with Levels and Lacing :exploding_head:.

I understand what <1> does (from your LinkedIn post), but what does <1L> do (in other words; what is the L for?)

Maybe i need to read your LinkedIn post a few more times :nerd_face:?


Haven’t explained L there. Actually, I rarely use L in replication guides myself
However 9. Replication and Replication Guides here explains it technically

Thought so :grin:.