Baravelle Spirals kinetic curtain panel

I, want do design Baravelle Spirals kinetic curtain panel to apply on my thesis project , i am not able how to proceed with this. can any anyone help me how can i design this type panel or how can i start ?

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Well geometrically it looks fairly simple. What exactly do you struggle with?
What have you tried? Is it a Dynamo specific question?

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Fractions connect to the spiral in the square. Following equation, gives us the area of the spiral:


We can also rewrite this equation in notation form


This will inform us of the necessary information we need to be able to find the next set of triangles we create. n represents the number of times we used the midpoints to create another polygon inside.

I want to create this geometry mathematically on dyanmo and i want make open and close like camera shutter . Also organic and smooth like this bio Facade . is there any way i will be able to do this on dyanmo ?

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As Viktor said, the geometry should be pretty straight forward. I’ve already got something working in Python. The slightly more tricky part would be to get the shape to “open and close”.

Edit: Here’s a python option.


You can get started with a bit of DS:

If you don’t mind tinkering with custom nodes for a while, you can achieve something similar with the List.Scan and LoopWhile nodes.


With nodes …
20180321-2.dyn (12.2 KB)


Almost the same as @Vikram_Subbaiah


I was not able to crack the tricky part , so i dropped this idea.
thanks for quick response.

Thanks this was really helpful .

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Thanks, Dimitar Venkov