Bakery Package

I am using the Get Elements By Category/Level node from Bakery package and I am getting inconsistent results not sure why.

i.e it collects correctly pipe fittings category but not pipes or duct fittings is collected but not ducts. Am I missing something?

I don’t have Revit/Dynamo in front of me at the moment- but have a vague recollection that pipes do not have a ‘level’ parameter but do have one called ‘reference level’

If so, you could get all pipe category objects then groupfilter by this parameter

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Hi Cahit,

@Andrew_Hannell @Cahit_Okten There is a custom node from @john_pierson Rhythm package called “All Pipes at Reference Level” use that to collect all pipes from level.


Yes, something I did not consider!
Thank you

Thank you.
That is just the job.