Background preview not shown in Mac with Parallels


Hi guys,

If any of you are using Dynamo/Dynamo Studio on Mac with Parallels 10, are you able to see background preview(BP)? I was able to see BP in version 8.0. When 8.1 came I could not. When 8.2 came, I was excited that now the BP might show up. Unfortunately, it’s still the same case. Any workaround or settings I need to take care of? I haven’t yet upgraded my Parallels to the new version 11 yet. I wanna make sure the BP is showing up before putting in my money.


We try to support the same level of graphics capability as Revit. For Revit, Windows 10 is not officially supported. Nor is Parallels.

Having said that, we are working on a solution that should be available shortly which may, and I stress “may” because we do not typically test on virtualized OSs like parallels, provide background preview capabilities. The problem with parallels in general is that it only supports up to DirectX 10 (when last I checked). The new visualization capabilities use DirectX 11 and there is, as of 0.8.2, no fallback to lesser capabilities or software rendering. That is why, for users using Parallels, the background preview is blank.