Background color for the box with zoomed image

Because of the transparent background of workspace export from Dynamo, some images are not shown correctly when they are enlarged.

This can be avoid by adding a background color for image class in the CSS style for the forum, like in below picture.

Hope to be solved.

I think this issue was already raised before. @Zach_Kron is our site admin and last time he was looking into this, it was not immediately possible. Zach, any updates?

You can also just make your entire graph a group before snapping an image.

My workaround: Open all images in a new tab. Also helps to be able to refer back to them while typing my response.

@Konrad_K_Sobon @Eduard_Louis @Zach_Kron - I updated the CSS for the site. There should be a white background for transparent pngs. Let me know if you are still having issues.


Problem is solved. Looks nice.

Thanks @Racel_Williams, you’re the best

Still difficult with safari browser on iOS. Maybe my device though.

@JacobSmall - Try again. Updated the mobile CSS…

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I wish I could give 1000 hearts for this!