Background 3D Graphics Settings

Hello all,

I’m a new Dynamo user, and I dove into Dynamo last week to get working on an educational project. As I’m working between the graph view and the background 3D, I am finding it hard to see what I’m selecting. I have a lot of points that are grouped into several groups, and it’s really hard to see the light blue halo in contrast with a gray background as I switch between the different nodes.

Is there any way to change the view / graphics settings to make the halos larger, or change the color of them, or even the background color?

Hi Luke,

You can change the background color and some other colors from the templates folder in Dynamo’s installation folder. For example:

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If it is of any value these are the colors/keys pulled from some of the .xml bits.

I found this useful when customizing Dynamo colors. Unfortunately the only thing I couldn’t map a color to was the selection window box, which made it bothersome to use a black background in Dynamo.