Can Dynamo interface be customized?


Is there any option to adjust the interface for Dynamo? The darkish grey lettering on the darker grey background for the tabs, menus, and tools can be very hard to see adjacent to the bright white of the 3D work area. It doesn’t even match the graphic for the Revit interface.

Are there any skins for Dynamo? I am sick of grey on grey - some folks think it’s stylish, but it is profoundly unimaginative, remarkably timid, and very hard to see - and besides, why such a dearth of choice? We can customize so much in our computing lives, so why do we have only light grey or dark grey from autodesk?

thanks very much

I guess you could hack it using ViewExtensions

Entirety of the color schema for Dynamo can be customized from the XAML settings file here:

C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2\UI\Themes\Modern

What you are looking for is the DynamoModern.xaml file and all of the color values that start with “#”.


Superb, thanks very much! I will have a look … would it be safe to make adjustments to the colors (perhaps my company colors), then save the .xaml file, then offer that to others as a ‘skin’ or a theme?

Thanks again

Sure. I don’t see why not. If people want to customize their colors then who am I to tell them not to.