AxonView.ByEyePointTargetandBoundingBox: Creates view with no boundary?

Revit 2017.1.1
Dynamo 1.2.1
Using Archi-lab nodes in graph (on 2016.12.7 build).

Graph goes:

  1. Get bounding box from {3D} view Section Box (which is showing extents of entire project).
  2. Create geometry from that
  3. Get all levels (and level above)
  4. Create geometry for each “level sliver.”
  5. Get bounding box for each piece of level sliver geometry
  6. Create Axon View for each, with Eye, Point, Target, and BBox.

The last step is all thats not working: It creates all the views, but they:

  1. Have no Section Box enabled
  2. Are not cropped to the Bounding Box at all (they show the extents of the entire model)
  3. Are Locked (Locked Orientation = 1), and not an editable parameter

Did i miss the point of this Node entirely, such that i am misusing it? Graph and sample model attached.
(Tons of thanks to John Pierson, for getting me this far. Im not enjoying sucking at this. I mean, im enjoying it, but not that im sucking at it.)

Parallax Team-01-Project Prep-Construction-3D Coordination-Create Export Views by Level-Step2-2.dyn (25.3 KB)
Parallax-01-Coord-Level Views-Sample-R17.rvt (424 KB)


Well, many thanks to John Pierson, for updating Rhythm with a new node, so we could just bail on the node that evidently doesnt work. New version works like a champ!

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Hi @Aaron_Maller - sorry the node didn’t work for you, I’m not familiar with it, if it is indeed not working or mis documented we should get it fixed, can you post to the github issues for dynamoRevit with a reproducible case?

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I’ve had exactly the same problem with built-in AxonometricView.ByEyePointTargetAndBoundingBox node.
All inputs are correct - inputs will create a solid of correct size - but 3Dview by node is nothing but a default 3Dview.

can anyone share the full new script to export the 3D views by level

Theres a screenshot of it posted above, after we got it working with the revamped Rhythm node.

Note that it was several years ago, so im not sure if it needs updating.

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