Automating Desk Count in Room Tags

This is going to sound really dumb, but how do I do that exactly? =)

I appreciate your time and effort to help.

Taking it down a diverted quick path, it woul dbe easier if I knew what room number each list represented. I should be able to incorporate a different “observation” node or set of nodes that will tell me that correct?

I also know that I have some shared nested families that I will want to remove from the counts as well.

-Using Element.Name to provide a Key. The elements are then Grouped based on the Keys (at this point you need to be mindful of list levels and list management).

-The Elements in Room/Space node uses the same list structure as All Elements of Category, it just adds another level when it sorts through the elements. For this reason, you might not want to List.Clean, as the lists will stop aligning.

-While I know that some packages offer tools to collect nested component information, I haven’t actually worked with nested information (maybe someone else can chime in). Consider looking through the most popular packages as a starting point, the nuance will be in what you want removed and how easily retrievable the information is.

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I have a couple of project items I am working on but will give this a shot in the next day or two and let people know if it turned out. I will share the completed graph here once it’s complete as well.

Thanks again for your help so far!