Hello Guys,

Can somebody help with automatically filling in schedule with the help of Dynamo?

How can I fill the “Description” box with value by “Height and Width”?

Height and width of what? You should select elements that have height and witdh property. Then use ParameterValue by Name and type “Height” and “Width” to get values. After that you can manipulate the values and use SetParameterByName.

Height_Width_Doors.dyn (13.0 KB)

Script hatali cikti?

Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
No parameter found by that name.

Post a screenshot. And Do you have Height and Width in English in Family?

Yes I have.

The problem is “Description” parameter. You don’t have that parameter on doors. You can use Comments or you can create another parameter that you can assign a value.
You can drop your file here, I can take a look.

Thank you for the help, it works with comments like you say. :slight_smile:

Python Script de ne yaptiginizi anlatirmisiniz, ve Python s

cript in ne oldugunu?
(Isterseniz Türkce isterseniz Ingilizce)

Saygilar :slight_smile:

That script collects all doors in model into Dynamo in order to set the parameters.

Yeah okay, thank you for the help!