Automatic Duct Split by zone boundry

I have a project divided in zones and my MEP ducting is not following the same zoning, is there a way to define the intersection between the ducts and zoning boundary and automatically split the ducts in the intersection locations to be able to split it to be used in QTO.

Guys is there any updates if someone can help on this

Do you have an example (image, rvt file)?
i dont really understand what you want?

sure as per the snapshot i attached, i defined the zoning by creating walls define the zones, then what i need i am looking for a script to search for the intersect between duct or pipe and walls and auto-place duct union or pipe coupling in the intersection point, i saw some post i tried to follow the same but every time give me disconnection of elements and not properly done.

I worked on a script to do the auto split by help from other scripts here on the forum but every time i got this message i attached also photo for the script.


Is there any updates or solutions

the script mentioned above is working in new projects but the current project i have it seems give this message when i run the script is there an reason or logic issue in the script i am using ??? i attached earlier the script as well as the warning message.