Automatic Cables

Dear all,
I want to share the final definition for cable design inside cable trays.
I’m uploading also the family usde for 2D drawing

Cables3.dyn (57.4 KB)
FP_100_GY_DL.rfa (212 KB)

Have a look to this video for how to use it

Next step will be in order:

  • Cable tray size
  • Supports calculation according to the weight/type of cable and automatic placement
  • Modeling of Conduits
  • Connection with warehouse and SAP
  • Convert all of this into a Plugin :slight_smile:

Thanks to the forum for help[ing me.


wow. good work.

Hi, I downloaded the files and Can’t use because there are custom nodes, is there a way of you sending these or a way of using this file. brill work by the way and thanks in advance



Great great work!!!

Hi Cesare,

I’m trying to use this definition with Revit 2017 and Dynamo version 1.3.3, but i’m having some issues.

Error2_Cables3 Error3_Cables3

Could you share the custom node CurvesToPolycurve?

Thanks you so much!

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