Automatic Break Section Line


Could please someone tell me if it is possible to automatic break the line of a section. When sections are created, by default the line is continuous and I am wandering if there is a way to split it and drag the lines closer to the section head by an offset specified. I would like to collect all sections new created and automatic beak the lines.

Thank you.

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There is no API support for this functionality so no, you cannot do this with Dynamo. Sorry.

I too am searching for this functionality. For future reference, to see if something is supported in the API, do I just search for various elements associated with sectionView in ? Or is there a better way?

Misery loves company. I’m also wanting to do this. How about a macro? Can it be done with .net or something? Maybe I’ll suggest it as a ‘Revit Idea’ if it’s not already been suggested.

There is no API for this. That means neither Dynamo, nor Macro can do this. I will close this topic now.

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