Automate Dynamo Script


I hope this is the correct forum for my question.

for my project I need to create a 3D-Printing Slicer for a 6 axis robot arm and found the following tutorial which I think is possible to be modified to suit my needs:

The problem is that the script I will be creating with Dynamo needs to be fully automated and for example be executed from a C++ script/command line.

So the workflow I am thinking of is:

  1. Execute Dynamo-Script by calling it from a C++ Application (for example)

  2. Dynamo-Script imports 3D-Model

  3. Dynamo-Script is Slicing the Model into different Layers (not only 2 dimensional)

  4. Dynamo-Script outputs the layer information to be accessible by C++ Application

  5. C++ Application performs inverse Kinematics on the layer/toolpath-Information to create a robot program

Do you think this is somehow possible? I couldn’t find much information online to automate dynamo-script.


You are looking to do a headless Dynamo run. Look into the Dynamo CLI for info.