Auto-rename Areas with Room names

Google translates that to:

Hello, here I share my solution to this problem, I hope it serves you.

@torrez83.rt thank you for the graph, and the good method to solve part of the problem above. However please try to stick to English on the forum going forward. This is so that search functions work for all users across all posts. Allowing multiple languages would require to search for ‘room’ (English), ‘habitación’ (Spanish), ‘rum’ (Swedish), ‘værelse’ (Danish), ‘房間’ (Chinese) and a few houndred more translations to find each post with the word room. If you’re unsure of a translation feel free to ask in the post. I know it’s tedius for those who don’t speak it natively and I wish we had a better solution, but it’s the best solution we have to the search issue.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

This actually works really nice! the only problem that comes up is wel the area point is exactly on a wall or somewhere a room doesnt go (like a shaft or anything). but i think thats fixable.

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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i found this great script however, it seems to not to copy over the data. I am familiar with grasshopper but not dynamo as much. I have existing room names and numbers that I would like to populate on the area tags for life safety plans. To make this fast and simple it would be great to have a script to do this and save time. The script runs but I seem to get null on the last component.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have a different amount of areas to rooms. This is about as far as I can get. But I’m unsure how to list the indexs correctly with cross product if that makes sense :confused: tried a list transpose… Didnt quite solve it either…

The elements in room dosnt like areas

Do you happen to have the old Rhythm node unraveled? I am trying to rebuild a similar graph for unit areas to grab a custom UNIT.ID that mostly overlaps the area to transfer it automatically for area calculations against unit plans.

I don’t, but you could try searching around the various web portals (perhaps an older version of Rhythm from the package manager?). Why not use the version currently in the package?

Broke it out with an old PY from Clockwork - and back-searching the Revit API.

Hoping I can use the Areas as a boundary then select all the rooms that are within (or perhaps intersect) those areas to grab the information from the parameters of those rooms and do a little magic by transforming the data in a shared UNIT.ID parameter (has the unit type) into the areas- AND as a cross check, point out where there is missing or conflicting information in those UNIT.IDs in those rooms. Currently it is returning a list of lines for the boundary- so I and researching what a “boundary” is and what in Revit can tell if one boundary is complete within, or intersects another boundary…

Apologies for kind of replying to this a bit late…

The node you mentioned will not work for areas as they are not supported for that filter type. BIMorph nodes has a node that will tell you if a category is valid.


I have been working on a few new area nodes though, and these will be in Rhythm on the package manager shortly.

The code is already on Github as well, (

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