AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'attr' (CLOSED)



Dear all,

first of all a greeting to the whole community, my name is Derwin and I am starting in the world of python. I would like to have your support for the following failure:

File “D:/SDK/samples/”, line 158, in
site_id = Site_2G_Info.attr(“Site ID”)
AttributeError: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘attr’

this is my coding:

excel_file = u'*Personal SUR GUL EPT 20190103*'
Site_2G_Dict = LOAD_EXCEL_FILE(excel_file,"GSM", 1, "Site Name")

Base_Station_row_list = []
Site_list = READ_TXT_FILE("site_list")
    for sites in Site_list:
        if sites not in Site_2G_Dict.keys():     # Check if SiteID exist in Personal SUR GUL EPT file
            print sites, "Not present in Personal SUR GUL EPT"

    Site_2G_Info = Site_2G_Dict[sites]
    site_id = Site_2G_Info.attr("Site ID")


This is the solution:

site_id = Site_2G_Info[0].attr(“Site ID”)