Associating unequal nested Sublists for Excel output

I have a list of 2 elements. Each element contains 12 points that are sublisted. This list was created from two other nodes’ outputs.

I need to export to Excel so that ID# 1077757 associates with all the points on the first sublist and the second ID# 1077918 associates with the next 12 points on the second sublist. Once they are in Excel I will use the ID# to sort, so I need the ID# to export with each of the 12 points that exports. My source is a Revit file. A full size project can contain upwards of hundreds of elements each with 12 points, all of which will need to be sorted by ID# in Excel. So far my attempts have failed to step to the next ID# after the first 12 points. There will always be 12 points for each ID#. Sorry my current Dynamo code is not shown, it is a mess-in-progress. Further photos can be supplied upon request. Any insight into stepping through a sublist via a list will be appreciated. Thank you.

Here is my output to Excel.

I am unable to find the solution I need in Dynamo or Excel. Here is my Dynamo script.

Here is my output to Excel. Columns A, C, and D are from Dynamo. Column B is for formulas, but I soon became aware it would be too cumbersome.

I am searching for a simpler method.

Perhaps List.Cycle your short lists by the Count of your long lists, then combine them

That was one option I tried, but List.Cycle just repeated my entire short list 12 times. I need each item on my short list to repeat 12 times. Thanks though. I’m finding that Dynamo can’t create new data, it only shows us what already exists. But even manipulating existing data once it’s in Excel became too much because I could possibly have 2400 rows of data in “groups” of 12 rows each that needs a formula that changes every 12 rows to be sorted. Pencil and paper is looking inviting.


Thanks a lot! It works great now.