Associate parameter in multiple family files - for example node Orchid parameter.associate

I am trying to associate the element material parameter with a family material parameter in multiple family files. For the last two days I am trying to do it with the parameter.associate “Orchid package”, which looks great. It worked from the first moment using the current document, but I didn’t managed to get it working for multiple documents. Any other solution would be appreciate too. I am adding pictures of the script.
Please help me find out what am I doing wrong. :slight_smile:

Since I am a new user i cannot add attachments so I am adding the link to my files and pictures:

Hi there,

Could you try if it works with that?

FamilyType.All from Orchid package



First thanks for your reply. I have tried your proposal but it does not work for me - I get an argument.type error. Does it work in your case?

No, I was just guessing.

You could post your issue here and I’m sure @erfajo will help you:


Also have a look at the extensive sample collection on @erfajo’s github your problem might already be solved there. The dictionary might also be of help:

But please do enable previews under all your nodes in any future screenshots you’re uploading… The issue might be quite easily identified with this information! :slight_smile:

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Hi Jonathan, I have already checked the page on the link you have added, even prior to asking my question on the forum, but unfortunately it didn’t helped me solving my problem.

I hope @erfajo will be so kind to help me :slight_smile: , fortunately I can still wait for some time for this solution.

ps: What did you mean with enabling previews under nodes? Where do I set this option? I am new to this forum and I wold like to do it right the next time.

Hi @markoQWHYN

Preview under nodes are the previews of which data and the structure of the data you’re passing. It is pinned using the pin when hovering over the node.


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I have answered at my github…


@erfajo thank you very much for your support and development. Your updated node works like a charm, even in the described case above.

Regards Marko

You are welcome :slight_smile: