Assigning Revit Elements values from Excel

Hey guys,

Firstly, apologies, I’m really new to this so there is probably tons of holes in my question and workflow so far.

I’m trying to assign some numeric values from an Excel spreadsheet to some elements I have detected from Revit (in this instance I’m trying to assign a fixture unit rating to the various different plumbing fixtures in my model).

I can get the values of the spreadsheet into dynamo and likewise get a list of all the plumbing fixtures, what I can’t do is introduce a relation from values in each of the respective lists.

I feel like I need a python script input that turns “if plumbing fixture element name is WC then value 4” but as I said, I’m really new to this.

Can anyone provide any useful advice/literature/videos etc that would help with this? I’m pretty keen to get a basic understanding in order to be able write little workflows like this.

Any help is massively appreciated!

Cheers, Pete

A Dictionary could be what you need, see this for instance:

I will explore!

Thanks Yna_Db