Assign phase per boundary

Dear Dynamo intelligentsia…-I’m trying to flatter you, can you feel it+ :slight_smile:

Let me describe my initial challenge, shortly:
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I need to extract quantities per building, and i’ve decided to go with Phases, so i’m giving every object in a building the same phase, and i can extract quantities from that phase.

As we keep editing the project, i need to quickly assign phases to all the objects in each building.

As you may know, it’s not just a matter of selecting a whole building a

Dynamo can assign phases, i got that far. But it has the same problem inherent in Revit: objects of different categories cannot be assigned a phase in the same operation, i need to filter them into categories, and THEN assign phase. No?
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Problem 1:
Can i filter out selected categories from a selection in Dynamo?

Challenge 1: Is there a node that can evaluate, whether an object is within some specified location parameters? Like, can i draw a polygon-shaped box, and Dynamo can return all objects within the box’s boundary? If i had that node, i could make all objects in building xx’s area receive phase xx!


Thanks a lot, in advandd


For “Problem 1”, have a look in the following discussion:

For “Challenge 1”, I recommend using bounding boxes. It will not be a very accurate measurement but it will be the fastest by far. The below example has just a bunch of elements and already takes a few seconds. A real project file would have an element count into the thousands:


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