Ask for help, how to make this simple code short and smart

This my Code, i try to upload the “Type Marks” to window,this result is done,but the process has some wrong

The fist circle,my teacher told me it has “Getting method a bit limited”,I think maybe I wrote too much repetition

The second circle,my teacher told me “dont need to create list, This made ur list twice longer”, but i dont know how to arrange it correctly without using list.

try like this

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Thank, i try now

upload the script may I can try if you want.

The fist step i fix it well,Thank you! .
but in this part,The first one I want to keep two and the second three, I don’t know how to do them separately,can I trouble you with some advice

use, String.Remove

ok ,let me try

Sorry,so confuse,I still can’t do them separately,For example, I want to make 40-061, 40-122, I know how to add characters, but I am not very good at data processing

So, you want 2 digits from index 0 and 3 digits from index 1?

yes,that is i want to say

i flow this , the index 0 also change to 3 digits,so i need to remove it here?but i think its to long

I’m sorry to bother you for so long because I don’t understand very well. T A T

use "String.ToNumber " will be easy I thing


@Li_Zhuoran_2128 try this:

See this later,sorry i has fixed those quetion,thanks