"Array" with progressive spacing


I am trying to create a family that contains a repeating object with increasing spacing and fixed number. I’ve tried a node called “curve.pointatsegmentlength” node but the spacing is consistent, as an array. Is it any way to change the spacing to a multiplication factor? And also change the length of the curve to the family’s length parameter.

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?

Here’s one way to do it:


@Per_Lindholm another way…

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Thank you! The geometry is exactly what i’m looking for. But my problem is that I would like to use the reference line in my family, not draw a new line.

Select the reference line you drew in Revit with the select model element node, and use the element.geometry node to get the curve from the line. Replace the line.bystartspointdirectionlength node and the nodes above and you should be all set.

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