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I have a question about working with lists in Dynamo( I was able to solve my problem pretty quick in Grasshopper).
I have this script with pretty basic and simple list structure, which I am unable to bend to my will.

I have generated points, and using vectors and distances, I want to be able to move said points.

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Because of the new user policy, here is the rest of my post!

I want to be able to achieve this:

And here are the files:

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Hi Hristo, welcome!

Creating grids of points is not always going to be straight forward
It would be nice if there were some array nodes - unfortunately there isn’t

I had a look at your dyn and decided to use another approach as I thought that using points over lines may work out a little easier

My understanding of you graph is to take a panel and break it into a points array based on height and width parameters

I have had to use a little bit of python as creating an array of points (Cartesian product of Z and XY values) is not straight forward in Dynamo

from itertools import product
# IN[0] Z values of required points, IN[1] list of Points on horizontal
OUT = [(pt[1].X, pt[1].Y, pt[0]) for pts in zip(IN[0], IN[1]) for pt in product(*pts)]

The node Curve.PointAtSegmentLength is also a champion here - it is doing all the XY axes maths rather than trying to work it out - then we can just copy using our required Z values as above

Script here for_export_update.dyn (107.5 KB)

Hello Mike,

I am taking my first steps in the Dynamo universe coming from a Grasshopper background. I wanted to use as much generic nodes as I can, which turns out to be quit difficult. List logic was one thing I found to be very different. I managed to find a solution to me specific problem by manipulating the lists so that Dynamo can’t possible find faults. Something like this:

It was hard to get it to work, and I didn’t like the solution.

Using Curve.PointAtSegmentLength would help a lot. Having to worry only for Z vector would be great, as it would be constant for all facades. Great Idea!

But I am exploring 4 different ways of placing geometries, and would have to consider if it will work for all 4 and how can I incorporate it in my script.

Thank you for your time!


You’ll likely benefit some from following the list levels and lacing content from the Dynamo office hours, videos 4, 5, and 6. You can skip the intros and ‘questions’ portions and just jump into the content.