Array of Points on Slope

I am trying to create an array of points on a slope. I have been able to create the array on one z plane using the ‘Cross Product’ Lacing. I have also been able to make a slope using the z when changing the Lacing to ‘Shortest’. My question is how to progressively step up the z coordinate but in the ‘Cross Product’ Lacing style array?


Ok, I’ve been able to get a clumsy result. Still wondering if I could have a ‘rows’ and ‘slope’ or even ‘z step’ node…

Using replication guides …


Thank you both, very efficient solutions!

Thanks to you both I was able to iterate this array graph to include a true slope angle.

Hello :wave:
I am trying to array curbs on the slipped floor that I’ve drawn in my project and I am a newbie in dynamo could you please tell me which instruction can I use?
I know I can select my floor with select edge nod or select model element nod but after that i dont know how to array some solid forms like rectangle on this slop ?