Areas to Rooms over RVT Links

Hi Crew.
Here is my issue. We have two Revit files that are linked into each other.
One has Rooms, the other has Areas.

I am attempting to push information from the Link with Areas in to the file that has Rooms.
I have seen some diagrams that work when it is all in one file.
Not when they are linked.
Any ideas??


Hi Brad,

How many links you have in your model?

Just the one.
We have split the Exterior Shell that will house the Areas, and the Interior fitout which has the Rooms.

Could you drop your files here?

20160901_Areas to Rooms from Revit Links.dyn (31.2 KB)

I caouldn’t upload the RVTs.
I basically have one file with rooms in it.
The other file has areas.

I have the file with Rooms open and the dynamo script running.
I then want to pull the Gross Areas from the link and publish them in a new shared parameter in the rooms.
Like this script, just including links.