Areas of polycurves

Hi all,

I’ve got these eight lines which I’ve got via intersection of solids, and want to get the areas of the closed curves they create. I have only found the way to do it if manually divide the two closed curves… but can’t do this for every wall… is there another way? If I try to create the polycurve of the eight lines it gives me the error “Curve join produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve”


Hello Maria Barahona,

You can try creating Surface from closed PolyCurve using method Surface.ByPatch and then you can get the area for the Surface. This is just a workaround.

Hope this will help.




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Thanks Ritesh, I got that from a previous post and that is fine. My problem is that Dynamo does not identify the two closed polycurves one within the other. As I have eight lines in the same plane it crashes. I could divide the sublist into two, but I would rather do this automatically just in case the polycurves are formed by more or less than four lines.



Earlier in the definition, have you by any chance, simplified/flattened the list/sublist structure?

Hello Maria,

With the help of one of my favourite nodes from the package - “Group Curves”, you could group the curves into sub-lists, process those into polycurves, loft the PCs into a surface and use Ritesh’s method:


That did work. Brilliant.

Many thanks!!



Good idea !