Area Plan Separator by Room Boundary

Attempting to create Area Plan Separators by already placed room boundaries. I can get it to work by manually connecting a View node to the areaPlanView, but I don’t want my teams to be required to select 2 different options and also run the risk of accidentally selecting the wrong View (bottom node).

Works the top way. Doesn’t work the middle way but I need help so it will work and my teams are only selecting one option!

The error I get:
Warning: AreaPlanView.ByLevelAndAreaScheme expects argument type(s) (Level, Element), but was called with (Revit.Elements.Level, string).

Help appreciated - any way to fix this!

I think you can solve this with inputs in Dynamo player or the DataShapes package giving presets so the wrong view can not be chosen

Which Data/Shapes nodes would work best? Any examples? Thanks!

maybe this one

Awesome! Appreciate the help. I got it working through inputs via the Dynamo Player and also made additional adjustments to tie the level into the section plane…