Area plan by area

Have been able to automate the creation of cropped floor plans using archi-labs floorplan.byroom
But is there a way to do the equivalent with areas instead?

Hi Robert,

yes, you need to slightly modify the node floorplan.byroom done by @Konrad_K_Sobon:

AreaPlan.ByArea.dyf (7.0 KB)

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Thank you for the help!
Unfortunately I’m getting this error…

Also tried changing all room in code to area without luck…
Out of my league when it comes to scripting…

Hi Mauro!
Your edited areaplan.byarea now almost seems to work! :slight_smile:
It manages to create new area plans but only for the first floor areas if you have that area plan open.
Do you have any clue to why?

I also need to create floor plans by areas could you share the file that works?