Area Attractor Point


I’ve been trying to make an area attractor point that only takes in the distance of a certain area near the attractor point and leaves anything beyond say X distance away from it alone and uneffected. I’m still a novice so my question really is whether or not this is possible through Dynamo nodes or is this something that should be done through some scripting in python etc?

I took the sample file and have been trying to modify it to work so the file may be a bit messy. Thanks in advance.


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Hi David, check out this file. Note that the forumulas for the Formula node are documented at

The change is to add a condition to the height of the cyliders:


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Instead of using a formule for maximum height is it possible to add a surface (such as a topography) as an input for the heights of the cilinder?


This formula was very helpful. Thanks for sharing. I applied it to a perforation attractor to prevent any overlapping circles in the perforation pattern by capping the diameter.

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