Scale shape base on Attractorpoints

Script for attraction points with the logo of the office.dyn (32.9 KB)
PlUS lOGO.rfa (396 KB)

I am designing a pattern for our project. I am trying to create attractor points on the surface of shapes. I am trying to scale the shapes based on the distance from the base points but the result is unacceptable as the photo. Can anyone help me to find a solution?. here are the files for the script file and the family for the shape.

Thanks in advance

I don’t think you can scale families.
You are placing parametric family, so instead of scaling I would just adjust the parameters according to the scale factor.

Thanks for your Reply

Can you explain more about your idea? can you explain your idea in Dynamo

You need to add an instance parameter to your family that will allow Dynamo to “scale” it based on your attractor point.

For example, you can easily control circle sizes by their radius or diameter parameters. Or squares by adding side length parameters, etc.

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