Area and Area Scheme

Any idea why Dynamo is not returning the value in this case?

I'm trying to select areas based on their scheme

Area Scheme Id ( not ID )

Ahahahahah too early for me, right on for you. Thanks for catching that :wink:


can we get “area scheme” name as a list

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Hi vikram,

I want to calculate Volume of those area, I know revit can not give direct volume of the area plan, so need to apply formula "Area x height (height of level ), Area I get as out put of parameter, but how can I get height of level.

actually how can I retrieve height of corresponding level which belongs to are as all the level height are not same.

also attaching my code block please have a look and guide if I can do something better then this.



I’m unable to decipher anything from the images you’ve attached, but I am quite certain you aren’t doing the right things.

A suggestion: Instead of working with Areas, why don’t to try to extract the required information from Rooms or Spaces.


Hi Vikram,

thanks for answer.

Actually I am working for dutch company.

Rooms and spaces we are using for net area.

and “Areaplan” for different requirement. like.

  1. Gross Area. which contain exterior boundary of building.

  2. GBO = Gross area - (shaft+elevator+stair+common bearing structure)

  3. BVO = there are 3 kind of calculation in this area.

a) Fully covered area.

b) Semi covered area (like covered balcony or loggia)

c) open area (like open terrace, balcony, or loggia)

  1. VVO = Area of commercial part.


so all my area are included with bearing and non bearing wall. due to that I need area plan. as i can not create multi pal room in same level on top of each other

Added my dynamo files so you can check.

.NEN_2580_room_function NEN_2580_room_export_import


The file you attached did not help clarify anything.

However, if you’re trying to extract the floor to floor height, you could try something like this…




Hey Johannes

Ive created the same script as in the above post but im getting null in my rooms to PolyCurves node, not sure what im doing wrong .

I have created a very simple model, a couple of walls and an area plan containing two areas, just to try the script.

Hey Jason, try to set the “Curve.ExtrudeAsSolid” to longest,

edit: sorry did not see the “null” values,

no idea what is wrong

can directly get room geometry as solid and get volume from that solid.

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