Are these issues possible to solve through dynamo?

Hello everyone,
I got few issues and I was wondering if any of these are possible to solve through dynamo or if there is any potential?
Please let me know if they are possible or not.

  1. Identify overlapping graphics in sheet such as dim line or tags are getting overlapped.
  2. Automate annotations such as tagging all walls and dimension ( i know it s possible to dimension same elements such as grid but is it possible to dimension wall from a grid)
  3. Counting warning and identify critical warnings.
  4. Generating section or call out from any external applications such as sketch up or cad.

Thank you.

Yes all of these should be possible. Based on the level of difficulty I’d sort it this way:

3 - if you are using Revit 2018 and 2019. Bang package has got some nodes regarding that.
2- I’m sure you’ll find people have done the exact same thing if you have a quick search in the forum
1- dimension line and tags are annotation elements not graphics. Dimensions have a geometry object (curve property) that you can acquire. Then you can test to see if their geometry overlap or intersect. For tags it gets harder you probably need to get their TagHeadPosition and build some logic around that.
4 - I think there are nodes in Bimorph package that read dwg files. And there’s also another package for Sketch up files. You can check. If they don’t have the nodes that you want, you need to do it through Python or a custom ZeroTouch node that you write and create bridges between these softwares.