Archilab "Dropdown > List" crashing Revit

@Konrad_K_Sobon A few runs in a row, the Dropdown > List node has crashed my Revit file.


Anyone know why this might be? This crash happens when attached to both the Views (OOTB) and Sheets (Rhythm) nodes. There are 46 sheets total in this file.

It should work just fine, even though I am not sure how usable it will be with Sheets node.


Just make sure you are on the latest Dynamo 2.2 and a matching version so 2020.22.XX

Edit1: Actually I take that back. I am seeing what you are seeing now. If I am in Automatic execution mode, then it will crash Revit/Dynamo after a little while. It appears to be getting into an infinite loop, and crashes. This might be because of how Dynamo works in the Automatic mode. Some nodes in Dynamo have a watch function that when something changes, they refresh automatically, causing the rest of the graph to refresh as well. This appears to be causing an infinite loop. Just switch to Manual.


Edit2: Well, I take that back as well. It still crashed after a while even when I was in the Manual mode. Now I am utterly confused. Let me see if I can figure this out, but whatever is crashing is not crashing in the code, so somehow my node is causing Dynamo to shit itself.


Thank you for following up and testing! I’ve also found it crashes in both manual and automatic.

crashes mine too