Archi-lab Revit 2024 support

@Konrad_K_Sobon I’m using archi-lab v2023.213.1722 in Revit 2024 which is causing errors. Any idea or if/when archi-lab might be updated to support Revit 2024?

Current concern is the ‘Select.ByCategoryAndView’ node. I know there are alternative ways, but hoping that won’t be necessary.

Try a version for Revit 2023 as that is closer to 2024. Might not work, but it’s got a better chance than a 2022 version. Note the versioning of Archi-lab is somewhat unique.

@jacob.small unless I am mistaken, I’m using the latest version which is for Revit 2023.

Check the versioning closely.

Pee this previously linked post: Revit 2022 - Dynamo 2.10 - Package not showing up and icons missing - #7 by Konrad_K_Sobon

You indicated v2023.213.1722, so:

  • 2023 - doesn’t mean anything
  • 213 - Dynamo 2.13
  • 17 - current build
  • 22 - version of Revit that it was issued for

The version I have installed is actually 2023.213.1523 (and not the .1722 version I mentioned), so it should be for Revit 2023. And I am still getting errors in Revit 2024 (since Archi-lab hasn’t been updated yet).

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What you are seeing is the result of the ElementId changes in Revit 2024, and this will affect any package that casts those as Int32 (previous Revit versions) and now should cast as Int64.(Or simply targets the older DLL)

This is also an example of why real Revit versioning is so desperately needed on the package manager. Konrad’s versioning is one of the easiest ways to handle this at this time.

With that being said, I have a pull request open here: Add support for Revit 2024 by johnpierson · Pull Request #110 · ksobon/archilab · GitHub,

but that does not guarantee it will be done soon. (Note: we are all getting back in the office this week from BILT North America, so that also adds to the delay)


If you are in Revit 2024, I would just use the OOTB node.


Thanks @john_pierson. I appreciate your help. Hopefully Konrad will update it shortly.

I tend to avoid all of the OOTB nodes that are ‘all elements of…’ as they can create infinite loops in automatic node. I ended up using a simpilar node from Genius Loci (which is Python based) until Archi-lab is updated.

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