Archi-lab PDF printer dosent rename why?

Hi everyone.
Im green in Dynamo and im now trying to learn a litle here and there “learn by doing”, i found this awesome help for plotting pdf and renaming.

But sadly i ran into a problem. It prints perfectly, but it wont rename. Can someone please help to why it dosent rename, i tried everything i can come up with.

The solution was found, i made a mistake by linking to a pdf and not a folder, also the node needed to be edited.


I think that shou be a directory… folder containing your files, not an actual .pdf file

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You are so right i have just tried to change it, but sadly there is still some trouble.

Hi @ninawh94,

You need to modify the “Rename files” node if you want use it for a list of pdf files.


I revised also the “Print PDF” node to work with a list of pdf names and various sizes of paper.
So I no longer need the “Rename files” node.
You can find it in the “GeniusLoci” package.

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Hej Alban.
Sadly im not sure what you mean with "modify the “Rename files” node " (again im really new in dynamo).
I looked at the link you sent to another forum, and couldnt figure out where there was anything about renaming in the image. I also tried to make the image you posted here but it didnt do anything.

You need to edit the custom node and add =[] in the inputs “Identifiers” and “NewNames” and save the change. Don’t modify nothing else.

With the Print PDF node revised in the link above, you can input the final pdfs names before printing, so no more need to rename pdfs.

OMG thank you so much it works, im so thankfull people took the time to help me.

You’re welcome.

Is there a fix for Dynamo 2.5