Archi-lab - Null values for "Get Documents"

Is there a known problem using Archi-lab with windows 10? Specifically, the “Get Documents” function returns “null” for all elements for all Windows 10 machines, but works great for all windows 7 machines?

Works fine for me.

All in Dynamo 1.X or is the Windows 10 machine running 2.0?

Im also getting null on Link Doc and Path while Instance and Name works fine.
Im running 2 (doubt it’s WIndows related)

I do not believe that the Archilab package has been updated for 2.0 yet.

This is expected behavior in case that Links are not loaded:


Will result in:

As you can see all of the Link Instances are there, but the Documents are null for unloaded links. That makes sense since the LInk Instance is stored in the model, while linked document is only accessible when its loaded. Same would be true of the path which is retrieved via a linked document, so if that is not available so will be the path. The name is stored in the Link Instance so that should always be there.

Hope this helps!


Makes total sense, my bad
Thanks for pitching in :slight_smile: