Archilab "Elements in Room"

I have a problem with a node from ArchiLab, “Elements in Room”.
When there is a room name that goes again, it cannot find out where the elements belong.
For example, some of the elements that I know are in “Møderum” [8] have been transferred to “Møderum” [9], when in comes trough the node.
I don’t know much about python script, but i think it use the room names, in the node, is it possible to use the elmenet ID??
When i change the name, so they dont match up, the problem is solve, i just dont want to change the names.
Can anyone help me.

Hi @nichlas.aa.holm,

The archi-lab node queries the LocationPoint of the input family and uses the IsPointInRoom() method from the API to check if the point is within the rooms geometry. It’s got nothing to do with your room names :slight_smile:
If your family is point-based and if the geometry of the family is placed where origin is defined, this should be solid.

Can you upload a sample file which replicates the error you describe?