Door Set handing returns null for all door types


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Firstly, thanks to all the great contributors, this is a great source for learning.

I have been successfully using Door Set handing node for several projects. My current project includes grouped interior walls together with doors. With this setting Door Set handing node returns null in all handing categories as if there are no doors in the project. When placing ungrouped doors in the project, the result is the same. Node works in clean project. What could be the cause of this?

Using dynamo 2.3, Revit 2020.2.1

At the “All Elements” node.
Does it successfully obtain all the doors?

Yes, it does show all the doors in the project.

Ok no problem.
It seems like that the “phase” input is laggy or the “Select Phase” node is buggy.
I tried like yours first but it returned Null.
Then used the “Element.Phases” from Clockwork and it worked fine.
After that I switched back to “Select Phase” node again and that worked too.
So it seems to be a bug or something in Dynamo.
See my picture below. If it worked please leave a like :slight_smile:

Try this.

Replicated your solution. Unfortunatelly still does not work. Could it probably be something with the phases in the project itself? I have Legend and Legend Demo phases created in the project. However, they seem to be in the right order.

Hmm alright.
I will come back later because it might have to have with the phases itself.
Will look into the custom node “Door Set Handing” later!

Okay so this is what I have seen.
When all elements have the same Phase, it works perfectly.
As soon as I set one element to some other Phase and then try to use a custom Phase from “Select Phase” node, it does not work. But when trying to use a built-in (New Construction) it works again.
When re-arraring them in the Phases, it seems like that the one closest to “FUTURE” always works.
So try and see if you can change that setting.

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Ok, I`ve tried to move all my elements to New Construction and it does work.

Not sure what`s the fault there, but will have to move all my elements back and forth every now and then to get the Handing right. Thanks joakim.k97

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Yeah it’s not the most efficient solution but it does work.
Sorry I couldn’t come up with a permanent solution. But to me it just seems like a bug.