Archi-lab and BumbleBee package don't appear

I’ve upgraded to Dynamo 1.0, I’ve downloaded manually the latest packages, I’ve unblock all the package libraries and those packages don’t apperar. Don’t know what happen

I’ve copied those package scripts in other package folder and now both appear in my Dynamo



Bumblebee has not yet been updated to version 1.0 of Dynamo. Last stable build of Bumblebee has been released for Dynamo 9.2. Please either install that version of Dynamo or be ready to wait for Bumblebee to get updated. I can’t offer a timetable at the moment.



I also encount issues to get the Archi-lab packages to work.

I am using Dynamo and Revit 0151008_0715(x64) Update Release 10. Which Archi-lab package version should I use ?


Thanks for your help and have a good day


*Note- This is a very unsupported workflow.

If you manually remove the .DLLs for Archi-Lab, most of the nodes seem to work. Below, you can see the path of the .DLLs and the appearance of Archi-Lab in my node browser.

Konrad notified me that this breaks ALL of his UI based nodes. eg: get built in parameter name

Like i said, this is an unsupported workflow.


yeah my packages: Mantis Shrimp, archi-lab and Bumblebee are not yet supported on 1.0. I will make an effort to upgrade them all after RTC AUS. For now, please use 9.2

Thanks for the answers !

I have had some success in 1.0 by opening the 0.9.2 Archi-lab DYFs and saving them to the folder where I have my active Dynamo DYNs…

both packages were now updated to 1.0 please download from Package Manager.