ApplyRules in Civil 3D Pipe Networks

Dear Dynamo Experts, anyone can guide me to get the selected structures and “applyrules” that set to that particular structures? Eg. I have all structures assigned to certain rules set in the part lists, after i drop the pipe/pipes, I would like to apply rules to these structures, so that the structures dynamically will update the size up/down.

Appreciate it!

Hi @BEK ,

Could you maybe share some screenshots from what you have and what you want to achieve?

Hi @BEK,

I haven’t seen a node to apply the rules after you’ve already added pipes/structures to the network, but if you add them using the Civil 3D Toolkit then you can apply the rules on creation.



@Daan , @mzjensen , thanks for getting back to me. The apply rules for multiple parts, predominantly on structures, need to be done everytime we apply some slopes on it, so it will dynamically change the depth of the structures. For null, it will drop to the level of the pipes. This is the reason why I would thought to get some dynamo graph to do if it is possible.

Hi @BEK ,

Maybe you could try the Civil3DToolkit package to see if this is an editable parameter. I am not really familiar with Civil3D so i don’t know how to approach this.

Hi @Bek,

You may use the ApplyRules command and select the upslope part and then the farthest downslope part and all in-between will be selected if they are connected, this will apply rules to all selected Structures and Pipes.

However, and if you have different requirements, I tried doing that using Dynamo and found this link that helped me with the attached dynamo script.
Hope this helps.

SendCommand.dyn (13.2 KB)


Hi @Assem.Daaboul ,
I’m not familiar enough with Python, so is there anyway to apply the rule on pipes ? specifically Cover depth rule.

Thank you. This is what I am looking for. Great! It will save me a lot of time.