Applying Design Option visibility graphics to all views on a sheet

I’m trying to figure out a way to summarily present various design options on a per-sheet basis. By this I mean: One design option shown per sheet. I was luck enough to find someone else’s established work on duplicating a sheet with duplicated views. On any given sheet I would be presenting there is usually a mix of view types: Floor Plan, Elevation, 3D View etc.

I think my main struggle at this point is how to batch apply visibility graphics to all the views on the page to be set to show a specific design option. As far as I can tell the mix of view types precludes the simple use of a template that can be applied to all views on the sheet.

Ideally, I would have single Dynamo routine that would create as many duplicates of a particular sheet as there were design options in a particular design option set. This same routine would apply a hyphenated suffix to the sheet name that contained the design option.

I am pretty new to Dynamo, so your description will have to be pretty simple. Maybe I’m in over my head, but any help is greatly appreciated.

So I figured out that you CAN apply simple templates that only address design option visibility to ALL the different view types. Now that I know I can do this, I think the problem becomes much simpler. I would like to connect the Sheet.Duplicate command made by BiMorph with a command that sets the view template for all the views on this new sheet. Does anyone have any advice on how to connect the selection of the view template information to the newly created views on the newly created sheet? Any help is greatly appreciated.