Problem with placing Revit elements over dwg file

Hi guys, I’m trying to build a script on Dynamo to place columns over a dwg file. The script locates where the columns are placed in the dwg file and then places columns over the location (first image). Here is the video that contains the code: [DYNAMO REVIT] - Very fast model column plan from AutoCAD Link | Learn for FREE - YouTube

The code works fine with columns that are placed in a 0 or 90 degree, but for columns placed at different angles (like in the first image), it doesn’t work.

Another thing, to recognize the family that should be placed, the script identifies the length of the lines that compose the geometry of the column (second image). So, from the image, the script would place a column 30x30cm and 60x20cm in the proper location. So far so good, it works fine.

The problem is the inclined column, the script gets the length of the diagonals of the square (third image), in which case it would be a column with dimensions of 43x43cm and should be a column of 30x30cm. In addition (if the columns 43x43cm exists in the project) the script places the columns at 0 or 90 degrees instead of the correct one.

I’m a beginner at dynamo, so I don’t understand well what I should do to get around this. The script is too long to take a picture so I’m provided a google drive link with all files (Revit, Dynamo, and dwg) for those who want to take a look at it.

Google Drive: DynamoPost - Google Drive




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Try something like this:

the part in orange is mostly what you would need to add


Hi Nick, sorry for the late response. But I was studying the nodes you suggested and in the end I couldn’t apply them in my graph because of my lack of knowledge. But thank you anyway man!

Can you send a picture of the script you ended with? And can you post the dynamo file?

Hello Nick, I put all the files now in the Google Drive link that I provided before. What I’m trying to do is put the columns in the directions of the dwg lines. The dwg and Revit file are also in the mentioned link. So try to open the revit, import the dwg and then run my graph and you’re gonna see my problem. I appreciate your help buddy.