Applying a list of scope boxes to a list of floorplan views

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I’ve found some discussions about this already but none of them talked about applying a list of scope boxes to a list of floorplan views. I could apply a single scope box to a single view by following this conversation:

Attached image of my current script

However. I have about 110 views (following a tunnel shape) which I’d like to apply a specific scope box to each of them (110 scope boxes in total)

Any suggestions of how can I get to do this?

Many thanks in advance

The idea is to get something like this:

“Scope box Sheet 1” to be linked to "Floor plan view Sheet 1"
“Scope box Sheet 2” to be linked to “Floor plan view Sheet 2”

And so on until the “Scope box Sheet 110”

Is there any automatic way to get this done?

Filter your list of view elements to obtain the views you want to apply the scope boxes to (maybe with List.FilterByBooleanMask with View Name parameter contains “SHEET 00”) or by obtaining the sheet the view belongs to, and then you will want to sort them in the order that corresponds with your list of Scope Boxes. If you get your view list to be filtered and sorted to match your list of the scope boxes you want to apply, you can pass them all through the Element.SetParamterByName node all at once.

Hi @awilliams,

Thanks for your response. Would you be able to send me an example a bit more graphical? I’m not quite sure how to follow from the filterbybooleanmask


You could try first to set the parameter to a list of views instead of just one and take a look at what is already available on this topic. See here for instance:

Thanks @Yna_Db I will also try that!

Hi @Yna_Db,

Is there a way to quickly create this list of 110 views for both the scope boxes and and the floorplan views and make them match to each other? I tried a couple of options but unfortunately I can’t make it work

Are you just trying to apply the scope boxes that have the name’s of “Sheet…”? If so filter out all scope boxes which do not contain "Sheet"in the name then sort them.

Sheet 001
Sheet 002

You will then need some way to sort your views into the same order. How did you name the the plan views or did you apply any other properties to them?

If you are trying to make new views in regards to the link Yan_Db provided. List.OfRepeateditem and FloorPLanView.ByLevel will create new views for the count of all your scopboxes.

If you already have the views then see my post above.

Image provided by Vikram_Subbaiah in link above

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Hi @Steven,

Thanks for your message. That is correct, I am trying to apply 110 scope boxes named ‘Scope box Sheet 1’, ‘Scope Box Sheet 2’ and so on until ‘Scope box Sheet 110’ to a 110 floor plans named ‘Floor plan view Sheet 1’, etc until ‘Floor plan view Sheet 110’

I also found a way of how to get rid of the irrelevant scope boxes (please see image below) but still looking for help on how to match each scope box to each floor plan (i.e. Scope box Sheet-49 applied to Floor Plan view Sheet-49, etc, etc)


Alright, I got it

@Ricardo.Escobedo Apologies for my lack of further reply on your issue - I would have shown a more graphical example had I been allowed the time to do so, but your goal was rather specific and I didn’t have a file with multiple views and scope boxes named similarly to yours to provide a decent example. I would enjoy seeing an image or file of the script you came up with; if you could please upload an image and/or your .dyn and mark that as the solution to your post I think it will be an additional resource to others who are trying to achieve the same or similar outcome :slight_smile:

Hi @awilliams,

Happy to share with you guys a screenshot of the script. It is actually quite simple to make

Hope this can help anyone :slight_smile:

How do you set scope boxes to none?

From what package is the Scopebox.Collector node?