Apply Insulation by system and size



My client has requested that I add insulation to our pipework, which isn’t too big a deal, right?
we have to add different thicknesses of insulation, based on pipe diameter and service.

So for example, a 15mmø domestic hot water service, and 15mmø LTHW pipes require 15mm thickness of insulation to control heat loss from the pipe, while the same services, at 65mmø require 25mm thick insulation.

And just to further add a complication to the mix, we also have to add insulation to cold water services, to control heat gain and control condensation, and the same 15mmø pipe requires 20mm thick insulation.

I’m pretty sure this is the sort of thing that Dynamo was built for, so just how would I go about this, bearing in mind I’m not very good at Dynamo, and can just about create a script



First of all I suggest you to read the forum guideline:

If you didn’t get an answer so far, it’s because this is not a “Do my job” forum. Usually people post at least a try, to show their effort :wink:

You need to use the MEPover package to apply the insulation, everything else is about filtering and grouping your pipes.


I want to write this myself, its the only way I’ll learn.
I have this now, I have filtered by System, and filtered by size (15mm), where I’m struggling is comparing the two lists to extract the 15mm pipes from the selected system.


That’s great, often is the best way!
Please when you upload a graph try to put your previews visible, so we can see what’s happening.

In the first graph there is a common mistake: you want to filter the Elements (All Elements of Category), not the parameters value. So your list input of List.FilterbyBooleanMask is wrong.

You can use List.GropuByKey to divide between Hot and Cold. At that point you can further divide according to the diameter. Once you have all the possible cases, you apply the right insulation with Element.AddInsulation.

Here is a simplified example: